Gendi Water Borehole Appeal

Sitting with the Gendi School Development Committee it became evidently clearly that one of the major hurdles the school faces is the future demand for WATER. 

The school has over 770 students and 24 teachers who need to drink, there will be new flush toilets with hand washing facilities, a kitchen and 12 classrooms that need cleaning and this is going to expand when the Youth Development Programme starts with 96 residential students and an agricultural income generation system. 

The existing single tap from the local water supplier is not enough. The supply is erratic and the cost is high, a cost that the community, who live in poverty, have to pay because the local authorities don't.

What is needed is a borehole, drilled down up to 70 meters to the water table, a solar powered water pump and a series of storage tanks at different locations around the school. 

With your support we hope to drill the hole before Christmas. Please support this school get affordable water not just for today but FOR EVER. 

This appeal is working in conjunction with support from Silcoates School, Wakefield, UK