Computer Training

4 girls from our Girl4Girl programme seek computer skills to improve their future employment prospects

In the summer of 2017, LTT and Inspire Worldwide ran a series of workshops to help empower secondary school girls. The workshops focussed on building confidence and recognising your own strengths as well as understanding the obstacles we face and how we can try and overcome these.

Meeting with the girls a few months later it was fantastic to see how their confidence had grown and their drive to succeed was infectious. 

4 of the girls have now completed their O level exams and are waiting to progress into the next stage of their education. These girls have seen this time as an opportunity to gain extra skills that will help them get ahead in the future. They've found a 3 month computer training course that would give them valuable skills and now we need your help to make this happen.

It costs just £95 a person to get the girls on this courses and we are keen to be able to offer similar opportunities to other girls in the future. 

£8 a month is all it would take to send one girl on a computer training course - Please join us in helping these brilliant young women get ahead!