Make a Difference

Help us release the potential that lies within...

Only with the support of others can positive change be brought about.

In Africa, there is a phrase, 'Umbutu' - the generous spirit within a person, who understands their happiness depends on the happiness of others. 


Leaving us a Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift to LTT in your will is one way to ensure your legacy continues to help to those in need. 

Be it a donation or a small percentage of your estate, your kindness can support a specific project or contribute to all our work, according to your wishes.

To leave a gift, you will need to write a codicil and attach it to your will. This then needs to be approved by the person looking after your will, normally your solicitor. 

We are happy to discuss this with you in confidence or with your family, and we promise never to chase your executors.