Christmas Appeal - Rabbit Breeding

The Girl Guides work to eliminate gender disparity across Manyara Region and support young women by encouraging self-reliance, positive attitudes and non-discriminatory solidarity amongst all girls, regardless of religious background. Through workshops the Girl Guides tackle issues such as FGM, early marriage, HIV & AIDS. The girls develop self-esteem, health awareness, leadership skills, economic skills and community responsibility.

Challenging gender disparity includes providing equal access to economic opportunity. LTT supports women into enterprise, which in turn helps to challenge cultural perceptions.

A commercial business in Arusha with a proven track record in successfully running a rabbit breeding programme is looking to expand its supply chain. The Girl Guides are very keen to join this supply chain by establishing their own businesses, but they need funding to achieve this.

      £6     can help us buy a rabbit

      £12   can help us buy a rabbit hutch

      £20   can help us buy rabbit food until the project starts to generate income.

Profits from the business will help to fund the Girl Guides workshops, giving more girls and young women the information, support and respect they need to challenge inequality.

At the same time, the project will give the rabbit breeders the chance to learn how to manage a small business with minimal risk, giving them valuable, transferable business skills that they can use to improve their own lives and the lives of their families in the future. 

Please support the Girl Guides this Christmas.

The hutches have been bought and prepared. 

The hutches have been bought and prepared. 

tanzania Girl Guides Association - Manyara region

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust supports community and education focused projects which tackle the daily hardships and hurdles of life that perpetuate poverty including eliminating gender disparity and promoting Human Rights.

While some aspects of gender disparity we can challenge directly through well thought out development, there are other areas that are more culturally sensitive. Whilst we acknowledge that culture is not a static entity but something that is always evolving, we believe that if cultural change is wanted, it must come from within the community and not from foreign influence.  For this reason we support the work of the Tanzanian Girl Guides Association - Manyara Region.

The Tanzania Girl Guide Association Manyara Region is a Non-Governmental Organisation and voluntary Association dedicated to the advancement of girls and young women socially and economically by providing them with high quality non formal education programmes and dynamic, flexible and value based training in life skills, leadership and citizenship. The girls also support the right of boys and young men to support their work and are members of the "HeForShe" Campaign. 

The girls and young women come from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds and are working together in harmony to improve the lives of girls in their communities. They are pro Respect and anti all forms of subjugation including the barbaric act of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). They train the girls on personal hygiene, reproductive health, early marriage and unplanned pregnancies, life skills, social cohesion, HIV/Aids and STDs, entrepreneurial skills, saving schemes and environmental management.

All of these workshops cost money and the Guides are eager to be self-reliant. To achieve this they are always looking to set up small business ventures that can generate a sustainable source of income