tanzania Girl Guides Association - Manyara region

The Tanzania Girl Guide Association Manyara Region is a non-governmental organisation and voluntary association dedicated to the advancement of girls and young women socially and economically by providing them with high quality non formal education programmes and dynamic, flexible and value based training in life skills, leadership and citizenship. The girls also support the right of boys and young men to support their work and are members of the "HeForShe" Campaign. 

The girls and young women come from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds and are working together in harmony to improve the lives of girls in their communities. They are pro Respect and anti all forms of subjugation including the barbaric act of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). They train the girls on personal hygiene, reproductive health, early marriage and unplanned pregnancies, life skills, social cohesion, HIV/Aids and STDs, entrepreneurial skills, saving schemes and environmental management.

Every day girls experience significant challenges, just because they are girls, from inequality, from inequity, sexual harassment and constant scrutiny of their behaviour. The Guides give girls and young women a voice so that they can speak out on issues that matter to them and we as LTT support them in that process. With the right guidance and support the girls can become positive agents of change in their community and in that process can develop leadership skills, build confidence and self-esteem.

The Girl Guides support young women by encouraging self-reliance, positive attitudes and non-discriminatory solidarity amongst all girls, regardless of religious background. Through workshops the Girl Guides tackle issues such as Menstrual Hygiene Management, FGM, early marriage, HIV & AIDS and economic empowerment.

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust supports community and education focused projects which tackle the daily hardships and hurdles of life that perpetuate poverty including the promotion of gender equity. However we recognise that as guests in this country the decision to challenge cultural norms must be undertaken by people from within the community, who know and understand the traditions, speak the same language and are trusted by the community not to trick them

All of these workshops cost money and while the Guides are eager to be self-reliant, we still need help from you. £500 can run a camp event