Sinai Toilets SOS Appeal

“No student should be reduced to going to the toilet behind a tree”

Since the collapse of their main toilet block, the 800 children (aged 5 – 14 years) at Sinai Primary School have been sharing the kindergarten toilet, consisting of just 2 cubicles (1 for boys and 1 for girls). This is leading to high levels of open defecation on the school site, which poses a significant health risk to all the children. Diarrhoeal diseases are still a major killer of children under 5 in Tanzania, and these are easily spread when faecal matter lies exposed and hands go unwashed.

The situation has reached crisis point and the local education authorities have declared that unless things change the school will be closed. This means that 800 children will need school places elsewhere, which will have a huge impact on class sizes and therefore educational standards at nearby schools.

We need your support to complete what was started

The Sinai Primary School’s Development Committee secured an agreement with a neighbouring business to provide funding for a new toilet block. The walls and roof were constructed but the company has now told the school that they can no longer support this project and so the new toilets remain unfinished and unusable

tanzania Febmarch2012 030.JPG

With your help we can complete the toilets and provide the 800 children with access to hygienic, gender separated toilets. This will stop the practice of open defecation, allowing the school to remain open, reduce the risk of death from diarrhoea related diseases and remove a barrier to girls’ attendance once they begin menstruating

This is what a good toilet should look like