Komoto Secondary School’s Girls’ Toilets

“Girls should feel happy and comfortable at school and should have confidence in themselves and be proud. Academically they will rise and gain high performance. With good toilets, girls will not fear coming to school and using the toilets, they will not be absent.”

Equal access to education means making sure the girls have the toilets they need, and the boys have the toilets they need. If the toilets do not meet their needs then they fear using them and this can lead to falling attendance and lower academic performance.

The girls’ toilets at Komoto Secondary School do not meet their needs and they have asked for help.

Stage One

They would like: -

  1. A special room to allow them to wash themselves and their clothes

  2. Water for cleaning

  3. Hand washing sinks

  4. A privacy wall so the boys don’t know which cubicle they are using

  5. Access to an incinerator so they can safely dispose of used sanitary pads

We have met this target

Stage 2

They would like: -

  1. Proper lockable doors on the toilets

  2. Windows that can be closed to stop bats flying in

  3. The floors and lower walls inside each cubicle to be tiled so that they can be easily cleaned and new toilet bowls

  4. The walls inside and out to be painted

  5. An emergency supply of pads

    Please support Stage 2, so they girls can feel comfortable using the toilets

Our BIG GIVE CHRISTMAS APPEAL seeks to make these alterations