Turning a Cow Pyramid into a Cash Cow

Female cows can produce between 4-10 litres of milk a day. When sold, this milk has the potential to make between £1.50 and £3.85, every single day. This amount alone is enough to provide a Tanzanian household with enough income or them to meet their basic needs.

Our simple Cow Pyramid programme began with just two cows, which were given to a household who had the ability to care for them. Our one condition was that the first two female calves born should be given to another family, selected by the community.

And so the Cow Pyramid began to build.

Today, four households in Babati own cows - a number which will only increase as the pyramid grows.

These families can now generate a considerable income from their cows' milk. Any male calves can be kept or sold, generating even more income over time.