Out Farmer Training

If adult education is to contribute to development, it must be part of life - integrated with life and inseparable from it and it cannot be imposed: every learner is ultimately a volunteer. because, however much training he is given, only he can learn.
Further adult education is not something that can deal with just ‘agriculture’ or ‘health’, or ‘literacy’, or ‘mechanical skills’, etc. All these separate branches of education are related to the total life a man is living, and to the man he is and will become. Learning how et to grow soya beans is of little use to a man if it is not combined with learning about nutrition and /or the existence of a market for the beans.
— Julius Nyerere

The out-farmer Training project was devised in consultation with the community leaders and the participating farmers. The project aims to  close the knowledge gap that exists between traditional farming methods and the production that can be achieved by using improved technology and greater organic farming techniques and by so doing improve income security through diversification and increased yields. This is delivered through workshops, a demonstration practice garden and home visits involving a group of farmers selected by the community leadership. The benefits of this type of delivery are numerous and include mutual support around a common goal; collective problem solving enabling joint activities such as shared labour on a joint demonstration farm; providing a voice for members when communicating with people outside the group; and providing an effective way of extending the influence of the programme deeper into the community. 

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