We are delighted to be working with the Livingstone Tanzania Trust. Their focus on sustainable alleviation of poverty and their track record is clear, tangible improvements in people’s lives is worthy of the highest praise. We hope to make a real difference to their efforts.
— Mark Caar. President of Energy at dmg::events

dmg::events is supporting Livingstone Tanzania Trust's work in Babati. The first project is to establish a bio-gas plant at the Managhat Primary school. This will be the first bio-gas in a primary school in Tanzania and is designed to inspire the Town Council to see bio-gas as an option to reducing the deforestation of the surrounding community and the devastating impact that deforestation brings to the farmers and the wider community. 

 Sustainable Biogas Project

Biogas is an affordable, sustainable, and alternative energy source to firewood that is generated from livestock and human waste that can:-        

Cooking off methane

Cooking off methane

  • Drastically cut back on firewood
  • Save the school money
  • Provide a cleaner environment in which to work
  • Provide bio-slurry suited for use on the school farm as fertilizer

To achieve success the school also needs the help of 2 cows whose manure will ensure sufficient waste is available for gas production. The cows will form part of the school's income generation strategy, where milk will be sold and the profits used to meet the schools priorities. Another example of LTT's joined up development approach.

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