Ways you can Donate



tanding order

If you would like to give monthly but would prefer not to do so online, and so avoid the credit card charge, then you can do so by either establishing a monthly bank transfer from your account and then submit to us a standing order form, or by filling out a standing order form found by clicking on the button below. 

Your monthly gift can really change the lives of those we work with; see below for the many ways your money can help.


Online Donations

You can donate simply online by either giving a one off donation or setting up a monthly donation by clicking on the button below.

If you are a UK tax payer please consider clicking the Gift Aid button on the platform so that the Government gives us a further 25% of your donation. This helps pay the wages of the staff so that more of your donation gets where it is needed. 


Leaving us a gift in your will


Leaving a gift to LTT in your will is one way to ensure your legacy continues to help to those in need. Be it a donation or a small percentage of your estate, your kindness can support a specific project or contribute to all our work, according to your wishes.

To leave a gift, you will need to write a codicil and attach it to your will. This then needs to be approved by the person looking after your will, normally your solicitor. We are happy to discuss this with you in confidence or with your family, and we promise never to chase your executors.        


Ways your money can help


£10 per month

£10 per month could buy solar lanterns for 10 final year students, helping them study at home after darkness falls.


£15 per month

£15 per month could buy 100 textbooks for a rural primary school



£15 per month

£20 per month could pay for basic equipment and training for an urban family to set up an “edible market garden” in their backyard.


£25 per month

£25 per month could set up a 100-sapling tree nursery at a primary school, and train staff and students in how to manage it


£30 per month

£30 per month could buy a 5,000-litre rainwater harvesting tank.



£35 per month


£35 per month could provide puberty and menstrual health education classes for 25 girls and 25 boys


£50 per month


£50 per month could buy a high-yielding dairy cow for a primary school or community group


£50 per month

£50 a month could help young people get the education they need for a better quality of life