Edible Gardens: Promoting small scale vegetable production to improve household nutrition and provide supplementary incomes

Through our Edible Gardens Programme, we provide the tools, skills and knowledge needed to enable families to begin small scale vegetable production on the land they have available to them, turning waste land around the house into a productive kitchen garden.

We teach techniques such as bag gardens and keyhole gardens which have lower water requirements, take up less space and can be irrigated by recycling the households waste water.

The vegetables can then be added to the family’s meals increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables, promoting improved nutrition, and the surplus can be sold, giving the family an extra income.

Edible Garden Ambassadors

We train 3 households per community who become ambassadors for home grown vegetables and go on to train their neighbours and friends, spreading knowledge and skills through their own communities and sparking further change and engagement.

We now have Ambassador gardens in 3 communities and over 40 households have been trained and established their own without further LTT intervention.

In Sawe....... we’ve just completed training with our new edible gardens group. Equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources they are now beginning vegetable production at their homes, providing more fresh vegetables for the household and creating an additional income stream. In the next few months they will start training their neighbours.

In Mruki .........the edible gardens ambassadors have now trained 30 of their fellow community members meaning there are now 33 households running edible gardens, with their own source of fresh vegetables.

In Gendi.......local demand for organic vegetables means produce from the Gendi ambassadors and those they’ve trained is highly sought after and some are expanding their edible gardens into more expansive kitchen gardens to meet the demand!