The Livingstone Tanzania Trust's (LTT) education programme works with local stakeholders to provide young people in the Manyara Region with well-equipped, safe and inspirational learning environments. We believe that better schools will boost students' morale, attendance and ultimately personal excellence.

Education is not a way to escape poverty - it is way of fighting it
— Julius Nyere, first President of Tanzania

Local communities have identified numerous ways to improve their children's education. LTT works with local schools to:

  • bring water and electricity into schools
  • repair and build new classrooms
  • purchase desks and books
  • develop school farms and introduce on-site agricultural training
  • encourage children to take an active role in protecting their environment
  • enhance teachers' skills in key subjects
  • award scholarships to outstanding students and teachers and supplement kindergarten teachers' income
  • facilitate the community's participation in providing a meal at lunchtime
  • provide meals to students identified as needing extra support 

LTT operates projects at both primary and secondary schools