Enterprise and trade are the drivers for economic and social development because they create jobs and bring prosperity. But for economic development to trickle down there must be the knowledge, skills and access to financial support to enable those at the grass roots level to exploit the opportunities that are created.

Babati is the regional capital of the Manyara Region and as such is a growing town with many opportunities for those able and willing to try.

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust works with local Community based Organisations whose members want to take responsibility for the battle against poverty, they want to overcome the hardships they face and do not want to sit and wait for the Govenment to help them. LTT provide them with business and accounting skills while proving affordable financial support to empower members realise their potential.


Crop Farming

By supporting demonstrative and theoretical agricultural workshops and mentoring farmers as they trial new crops and farming techniques , we empower farmers to improve their yields and crop varieties.

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  1. The Out-farmer training.
  2. Demonstration farming
  3. Keyhole Gardens
  4. Bag Gardens
  5. Health Awareness

Small businesses

By supporting capacity building within the community we can assist and support people.

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  1. Small Loans Project
  2. Fuel efficient stove making
  3. Soap making
  4. Batik making


Livestock Farming

LTT offers training in livestock welfare and product diversification and loans to purchase new livestock.

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  1. Pig farming
  2. Tilapia Farming
  3. Cow in the community
  4. Chickens