The Frederick Sumaye Secondary School lies 10km south of Babati  along side the lake. The Managhat Primary School is one of its feeder schools. It currently provides an education for 14-18 year old students up to O level, but there are plans to increase that for a further 2 years to A level. The school has 4 classes of 50 per grade. 

While there is a discussion to make Secondary education both free and compulsory, this has yet to be realised and there is not currently the space for that. There is also discussion about teaching in Swahili but there are mixed messages as to whether this is going to be put in practice. 

The growth of secondary schools is something that LTT do not want to get heavily involved in because the Government are investing in this area.

Our Work

LTT have had a working relationship with this school since the Head Mistress came to visit and learn from the Waangwaray Primary School back in the summer 2010. She copied our grow bags but when the school's tap stopped providing water we funded the bigging of a well and install first a foot pump and then an electrical pump, and a water tower. 

A girls dormitory sat half completed and after reading a UN report of the sexual abuse of students on the way to and from school. LTT funded the dormitory to be completed, bought 24 iron bunk beds with shelves and installed a beautiful toilet washing area.

The school's kitchen was also a concern to us, buying £400 of firewood each month in a truly unsustainable way.  So we built a new kitchen with fuel efficient stoves  and demonstrated to the local officials that an investment in fuel efficient kitchens can pay for itself in less than 3 years

Moving Forward

We will be talking with teachers in July 2015 about the possible use of technology in the classrooms or in after school lessons. As the technology becomes cheaper and more accessible the potential to bring new ideas, concepts, ways of learning are limitless and extremely exciting.  

How you can help

You can help by supporting the work we are doing in the development and use of technology. Every donation helps us continue to research what software and what hardware works best for first time learners in rural Tanzania.