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Solar Lanterns for Students

The majority of the students in the schools were we work live in homes with no electricity which by itself that is not a problem, but in addition all will have domestic chores to do when they get home from school. Once the chores are done the children need to settle down and do their homework, but usually it is already dark. In Grade 7, aged just 14, students sit their National Exams that determine whether their education can continue or finish. It is possibly the first stage where a young person can start on the path to escape poverty or be left behind to continue to live a life of hardship.

By providing Grade 7 students with small solar powered lanterns you will be able to enhance their home learning opportunities and improve their chances of getting good exam results that can help change their future forever.   

These Solar Aid D.Light S2 lanterns cost just £12, they are a robust and no nonsense solution to the problem. On a full day’s charge the lantern provides 4 hours of light, the in-built solar panel means that this light is simple to recharge as it can be left by the window when not in use. Also they are readily available in Tanzania

Julian PageComment