Malangi News

After months of negotiation and grant applications work has progressed at Malangi. 

Two dangerous classrooms, a store and the head master office were demolished. The community dug the foundation for two new classrooms and a teachers office and provided the stones and bricks, while we provided the cement, metal poles, skilled labour, floor and roofing materials, doors, windows, glass and the fixtures and fittings. The roof's rafters are made from metal, which is a first for us and for a school in Manyara Region. We opted for this due to the serious termite problem within the school.  

Over 250 books, selected by the Head Teacher were delivered to the school to start the process of addressing the book imbalance.

Two teachers houses have been completed and teachers have moved in. Teachers houses are really important to rural schools. If teachers have poor accommodation they tend not to stay long as life becomes too much of a struggle. Providing homes keeps the teachers at the schools. 

Our efforts to drill for water at the school have not been successful despite drilling down to 150m. This is a great shame and will make some of our plans harder to achieve

Work starts soon on the next phase......

Julian PageComment