Self Sustaining Schools

LTT’s long term strategy for the schools we work with is to be able to walk away knowing that the schools and their community have the skills, resources and desire to maintain the buildings that have been renovated or built and care for the assets that have been provided in a sustainable way. To achieve this we have been working with Head Teachers, Teachers, Ward Education Officers, School Development Committees and Village Committees to develop a School Enterprise Training Programme that addresses the urgent need for students to learn transferable life skills relating to business whilst generating an income for the school which it can use to deal with planned maintenance.

The Enterprise Training Programme will focus on the resources and potential of each school – Waangwaray has its farm and we are adding a pilot chicken project; Sinai is planting drought resistant Cassava; Managhat is developing its market gardens and milk production. The students are involved in these projects learning hands on skills alongside accounting and sales knowledge. These projects all need start-up funding so the schools can become self-sustaining. 

Julian PageComment