Name that Cow

The Bio-gas digester at Managhat is complete and now needs regular feeding. The digester is connected to the student toilets but needs additional waste to ensure sufficient gas is produced to ensure daily cooking.

4 female cows have been purchased to provide the waste and not one of them has a name. 

You can have the rare opportunity to name a cow

LTT are now auctioning off the naming rights to each cow. If you want to name a cow after a loved one, friend or otherwise, please email Julian by the 1st April 2015 with a name (single words only nothing rude!) and a pledge. The top 4 pledges will win.

Email address:

The cows are not just there to provide waste, oh no, they are all pedigree cows that will provide between 10-14 litres of milk a day and their female off spring will be offered to the community to help fight poverty in our "Cow Pyramid Scheme"

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