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Sustainability is about ensuring that the needs of today’s generation are met without hampering the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Reduce or replace

Trees are chopped down for timber for building homes and for firewood to enable families to cook. But no trees are being planted to replace them. Therefore it is unsustainable. With your help we can plant more trees in the communities and teach people of their importance. 

By introducing fuel efficient stoves to schools and homes we are reducing the demand for fuelwood.

By collecting cow poo in a bio-digester we are able to generate methane which can be used to cook from and so replace fuelwood.

Solar power can also replace kerosene


If a person has enough imagination they can reuse most things.

Water bottles can be used for drip irrigation, air conditioning, lighting, toys or to hold a different type if liquid like soap or cooking oil

Cement bags can be used as grow bags for shopping bags

Tyres can be used for shoes, gardens, playground toys

Leftover food, grasses, leaves and other biodegradable matter can be used to create compost and help to improve the quality of the soil

Empty bottles of Coke, Fanta and Sprite etc. are returned to the factor for a few shillings

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