Raising funds for change and development

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Individual donors

We treasure the contributions of our individual donors, whether they give monthly donations of £5 or £75. Their sacrifice supports our work, helping those in challenging situations. 

These funds support many of our small, more personal projects, which sometimes fall outside the guidelines of grant-making bodies.

Our supporters have gone to great lengths for our cause, including running, cycling, climbing, walking, sky diving and even shaving off half their beards! We also appreciate those who encourage them through sponsorship and support.

We salute the compassion and kindness of our individual donors. It truly motivates us each day to make sure that the faith they have put in us is not misplaced. We will also never implement aggressive fundraising tactics.


Grant-Making Bodies

Because we work holistically with a number of communities, we have projects of all sizes.

These range from building schools to buying tables and books, from supporting a community-wide training programme to building a single fuel-efficient stove in a single school.

In reality, every pound donated to us makes a massive difference to the lives of our beneficiaries. We have projects to suit all sizes of grant and we value our friends in the Churches, trust funds and other charitable bodies, as many of them have been with us on this journey for many years.

They have also had the chance to see the impact of their kindness through our reports. 

Over the next five years, we aim to apply to more grant-making bodies, and as we continue to grow, we will start to apply for more institutional funding.


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Corporate SPONSORS

We have so much to offer a corporate sponsor. They can take genuine ownership of the work they support, and can even come out to Babati to get involved. 

We offer regular communication and are happy to engage with all staff in a business, so everybody knows their contribution is valued. 

Corporate donors are able to use their links with us as a tool to recruit staff. After all, many candidates now consider a company's CSR to be an important factor in deciding to apply. 

Joined-up fundraising also creates a valuable teamwork tool, bonding staff and aiding communication within an organisation. 

By 2022, we hope to work with many more corporate sponsors. We have been vetted and approved by an independent agency which specialises in supporting businesses with progressive Corporate Responsibility Policies, giving businesses peace of mind in their partnerships with us.



One of the great things about working with schools is the ability to bring some reality to students' learning about 'Africa'.

We regularly hold assemblies and workshops with schools, showing students and staff that there is more to Tanzania than just animals, beaches and Kilimanjaro. We also highlight the many similarities in the way we live our lives, while explaining that any differences are simply due to the environment.

In exchange, schools fundraise for us, supporting projects that assist children at schools in Tanzania.

Secondary schools can visit and volunteer with us on those projects should they wish. These trips are arranged through Inspire-Worldwide, who manage the logistics and provide excellent leaders to ensure the safety of the volunteers at all times.

We have limited spaces for a few more schools to work with us. However, our policy is to have no more than two teams per year visiting one school.