The Livingstone Tanzania Trust follows best practice guidelines, as outlined by the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator. 

  • Our diverse Trusteeship ensures all views are heard and valued.
  • The Director is paid £11,500 a year and the staff are not paid excessive wages.
  • We believe that those who agree with the way we work and are interested in funding our work will do so. We do not aggressively fundraise.
  • We are a responsible employer and a prompt payer.
  • We take the responsibilities that our donors place in us seriously, and ensure that funds are spent wisely.
  • We are adjusting our data storage systems to comply with the new data protection rules being introduced in 2018.
  • All our policies and procedures are under review (pro-bono) by an independent auditor to ensure we maintain best practice and legal compliance.



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