The Hangoni Primary School is in Babati at the southern end near Lake Babati. This urban school is mostly in poor condition but the kindergarten is in an extremely poor state of repair. The community have already started to build a new kindergarten. As is frequently the case they have not enough the money to finish the project and the Town Council does not have the funds to meet their pledge of completing classrooms built up to the lintel level, so the both building sit unusable.

Why are we helping this school

LTT's English Language Teacher Training Course is being piloted at this school under the watchful tuition of Teacher Timothy John. The reward for their enthusiasm in attendance and participation in the course is to have this kindergarten completed so that the children can get the early learning they need. 

How can you help?

All donations to help us buy the roofing materials, the floor, windows and doors, plaster and paint will be of great help as we progress. Our target completion date is November 2016