Research Volunteer for a Women’s Health Project

 The Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) is looking for a volunteer/intern to undertake research to support the development of an educational Women’s Health Programme, which LTT are looking to deliver as part of the organisations work with women and girls in the Manyara region of Northern Tanzania.  

About us

LTT is a UK registered Charity working in the Manyara Region of northern Tanzania, supporting communities to sustainably improve their quality of life and break the cycle of poverty. Our programmes focus on education, sustainable agriculture and enterprise, working with entire communities to enable long term, sustainable change.

As part of our Women and Girls programme, we have come to understand just how little is understood about menstruation, reproduction and the menopause by both women and men locally. This lack of understanding leads to many problems in the lives of women and girls in particular, many of which can be addressed through improved knowledge and awareness. 

LTT are therefore looking to develop an educational programme on women’s health that encompasses:-

·         Pre-menstruation - learning about the stages to come and going beyond the physical aspect of menstruation to explore emotional and cultural aspects of these changes as well as exploring how other cultures treat menstruation.

·         Menstruation - what menstruation is, pain management etc.

·         Sex - social / cultural considerations, contraception, STIs

·         Pregnancy and a programme around ante / post-natal care

·         Other - medical care, nutrition, safety

·         Menopause and what happens to a woman's body during and after the menopause and the importance of nutrition

The position

We are seeking an individual with demonstrable knowledge and experience in the sector, ideally with a particular interest in women’s health; who is keen to undertake a short-term voluntary role involving extensive desk based research and offering the opportunity to directly feed into the development of a new programme. The role will largely focus on the curriculum development and researching successful programmes and possible partners. It is essential that the programme is culturally informed and we would therefore expect the candidate to have an understanding of issues around women’s health and rights in east Africa and to take an Africa-centric approach to the research.

The successful candidate will be self-motivated with strong written communication skills and capable of managing their own time and work plan.

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust team all work remotely and therefore the volunteer would be expected to work from home and communicate through Skype.

This is a voluntary role but reasonable travel expenses incurred in undertaking the role will be covered.


We are ideally looking for someone to undertake this role between mid-January 2017 and the end of March/April 2017 although this can be flexible depending on the need and interests of the successful person.

Interested candidates should send a brief letter of interest and a CV to Sophie Wotton on  

Deadline for the application:     Monday 16th January at 12.00 noon