Our Philosophy is a simple one - the 4 p's


We sit down with the local community members and their leaders and we listen to their stories, their problems, how they are tackling them. We do this so we can fully understand the influences on their lives so that when we discuss ideas we are working within their framework.


We believes that the success of any development programme requires collaboration with local stakeholders in a respectful and inclusive manner.

We partner with the Manyara Community Development Organisation (MCDO), a locally-owned and locally registered development organisation. MCDO's board members represent local schools and community based organisations (CBOs). Our role in this partnership is as a facilitator, advisor and monitor. 

Together with MCDO we establish partnerships with school development committees, community groups and the community as a whole. We want to be as inclusive as possible.


It is clear from the outset that we are here to help the schools and the community to achieve THEIR goals. We are not going to do it for them but we will do it with them. If there is no participation then the community don't want the project so we don't do it. Participation starts at the project conception level and permeates through  the whole process. In this way the community own the project and there is a greater chance of long term sustainable success.


In most cases the outcomes are easy to see, a new classroom built or training provided to a group of people. What is far more important is looking at the impact that the outcomes have had on the people, on the attendance or academic performance. Has the project started to achieve its goals. Measuring the impact is a vital part of knowing if the project has been successful and this is something we all want to know.

By working with the 4 P's we can ensure that donations are spent on supporting the community to deliver a cost effective project that is wanted, needed and valued.

Sitting and listening to the community

Planning with the CBO 

Planning with the CBO 

MCDO meeting with Town Director and Education Officer

MCDO meeting with Town Director and Education Officer