The Kwaraa Secondary School is 1 km from the centre of Babati. Successful students from Waangwaray will attend this school. The school is currently just 4 years up to O level but there are plans to add 2 more years groups on and provide some dormitory facilities. 

While there is a discussion to make Secondary education both free and compulsory, this has yet to be realised and there is not currently the space for that. There is also discussion about teaching in Swahili but there are mixed messages as to whether this is going to be put in practice. 

The growth of secondary schools is something that LTT do not want to get heavily involved in because the Government are investing in this area.

Our Work

Working with the Harris Academy South Norwood for 4 years LTT were able to provide the school with a few computers to enable the huge amount of administration to be done more efficiently and we worked with the school development team to build a permanent kitchen with store and space for a school shop if needed. 

The old kitchen was housed in a wooden shake and the meals were cooked off open fires. This system is hugely inefficient and so unnecessarily costing the school Millions of Shillings (thousands of pounds) a years. The heat and the smoke followed air movements which led to smoke inhalation, irritable eyes and burns. The new kitchen contains fuel efficient stoves reducing the fuel wood bill by 50% and a chimney for the smoke to escape from