Photocopier to help bring more testing for students at Waangwaray School


At the last meeting we held with the Head Teacher Mr Simon, he told me of his troubles getting test exam sheets to the students, the cost of photocopying in town and the amount of time it take him to go and come back makes it problematic.  He went on to explain that if they could test the students, especially those on standards 4 and 7, more often they could identify what is being understood and what is not. 

The solution appeared obvious, the school needed a photocopier.

We are delighted to say that as from today, the school has one, one that can do double sided to save paper and can be used by all the teachers. 

We listen and we hear what the teachers are telling us and we react because they are at the coalface of educating these young people out of poverty and we need to do what we can to support the teachers.