Every little bit helps


Yesterday Julian spent the morning with the teachers and students at the Trafalgar Infant School, Twickenham. 

The theme of the talk was Harvest Time and how food is preserved for the rest of the year.  Both countries make jam, smoke fish, dry meat, those who can afford it chill or freeze food. By focusing on the similarities it helps the young students to understand more about life. 

We also talked about hand washing and the importance of not forgetting to wash your thumb!! The student all knew when to wash their hands, which was excellent to see. We explained the need for hand washing training in the schools we work with in Tanzania and how the funds they raised will be used to buy soap and pay for the trainer to train not just the children but also the teachers, so that in future the teachers can train other young people.

Funds were raised by the buying and painting of wooden carvings that were brought back from Tanzania. Each one hand made by Peter the Carpenter, the students were encourages to buy and paint as they liked. The one on the right was painted by one of the teachers to demonstrate and it, along with her zebra and giraffe are being silently auctioned next week. 

Well done Trafalgar and thank you for the £125.