Sawe Primary School Opens

What was once a field is now the beginnings of a brand new school to serve the Sawe Community.

Frustrated at the poor teaching standards their children were receiving from the overcrowded school in the neighbouring community, the Sawe Community members joined together, got permission and started to build their own school. It was while they were building that they asked us to help them and after a long discussion and meeting with the whole community we agreed. 

We came together to build the first 3 classrooms, toilets and stoves for cooking a meal and in January 2018 the first students arrived, forming both Standard One and Kindergarten.  The teacher has a classroom to herself at the moment.

We are now starting to fundraise to build a double classroom and an office so that next year a new cohort can arrive and enjoy the facilities. This school represents a great partnership between LTT and the community and will provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning for boys and girls alike. It will be 6 more years of development but Rome was not built in a day. 

Julian PageComment