Academic Performance of our Partner Schools

gendi classroom 1.jpg

It is no coincidence that ALL of the schools we have supported are improving.

The National Standard 7 exam results for primary school have been published and all are progressing.

We of course recognise that there are many contributing factors that lead to improved academic performance and at the front of that are the teachers themselves. But an improved and inspirational teaching and learning environment where children are fed, the toilets meet the needs of the users and there are improved resources can improve attendance and motivation and contribute to raising standards.  So we can take some credit too!!

Pass rates compared to the previous year are: -

Gendi from 71% to 77%;

Waangwaray from 76% to 86%,

Managhat from 66% to 91%;

Sinai from 55% to 92%

Malangi from 42% to 95%

We are really excited to see such progress and to know that more students are progressing on to Secondary School and the opportunities that are available to them after that.

Education is the best tool to fight poverty


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