First Graduate from our Helping Hands Programme


Martina Marceli is going to be a powerhouse of the future. She has overcome more hurdles than any girl ought to and has now achieved the first stage of her dreams. 

One of eleven children, Martina was born into poverty in rural Tanzania, she fought for her education at every step and in September 2018 she was award a BA degree in Education .

Not only that, she has been offered a job in a top secondary school here in Babati. She has enrolled in an Open University course to help her specialise which she will self fund.

In 12 months time she will join the Helping Hands Committee and will start to contribute to the programme that has supported her, thus for the first time completing the circle where the sponsored become the sponsoring.

She also wants to join the girl guides and will be a huge motivational force to bring about their goals.

We are hugely proud of her

The Helping Hands Programme is currently supporting 15 other students at different stages of their education life, giving young people the opportunity of further education that would be otherwise denied them. Once we commit to a young person we commit to support them for as far into education as they can go. It is a “Golden Ticket” we would love to be able to offer to more young people. If you are able to make a long term commitment we’d love to hear from you. The impact of a good education is infinite.

Please support our students to enable them to reach their full potential.

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