Malangi is a University standard primary school

Last year’s visit of the Freedom Torch has resulted in a lot of high-level attention for Malangi Primary School. Delegations from a ministry and the Regional Commissioner have resulted in many kind words not just for the school but also for the market garden and the ideas behind it - “we have never seen anything like this facility” said one visitor. We understand that the progress is being reported up to the President because the development model replicates the Nyerere dream of school self-sufficiency.

Kind words are of course always nice to hear but action is more important and action is what followed on. With the support of the Town Agricultural Office a community task force has been established to contribute to the management of the facility to ensure that it flourishes and benefits the whole community

this is not a ‘mzungu’ garden, but a garden for us all to learn from and to support the school, we must care for it.”