Sawe Primary School updates

The floodgates opened on registration day at the new Sawe Primary School as children swarmed into the classrooms. There are now 113 kindergarten students (aged 5-6) and 70 Year One students (aged 7) in the 3 classrooms. Our classroom target is no more than 45 in a classroom. Luckily the children only do half a day of classes at their ages so over the day we can squeeze everyone in and achieve the community’s target. We have asked for more teachers to enable that to happen. Toilets and a temporary kitchen have also been built


Work has started on the next set of classrooms with the community digging the foundations and gathering the first set of building materials that are needed. Alongside the classrooms we are also working with the school committee on designs for the market garden, taking full advantage of the slope the school is built on - we will be using both rainwater harvesting and runoff to irrigate the gardens.