Water at Gendi - Progress and Impact

Turning on the water tap and having water come out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is something that many take for granted. For some it is a pipe dream. 

Thanks to the amazing support of our donor community we have been able to turn that pipe dream into a reality for the students, teachers and community members in Gendi. 

We have successfully drilled a borehole, built a water tower with the capacity to store 15,000 litres of water, installed a gravity fed distribution system, installed a hybrid pump, renovated a classroom roof to ensure it is strong enough to hold the solar panels, installed the panels, wired everything up and now we have water at the kitchen, in the toilets, at the hand washing station, in the market garden and in the school. Never before has turning a tap on been so exciting. 


What does this mean to the school?

It means clean, hygienic toilets. It means everyone can wash their hands so never get diarrhoea again. It means the lunch is never cancelled from a lack of water. It means classrooms can be cleaned regularly and students can learn in clean classrooms. It means children can drink water whenever they want to. It means that the school can grow fruit and vegetables for their lunch and for selling in the local community, which in turn helps to fund the school and teach enterprise skills to the students.

It is life changing.