Gendi School Development

Our partnership with the Gendi community is moving from strength to strength. Together we are feeding nearly 900 children every day from fuel-efficient stoves. We are constantly improving the teaching and learning environment by renovating the oldest classrooms (built by the British in 1942) and transforming them into bright, inspirational and most importantly safe environments for the children to learn in. 

This summer, with the support of volunteers from Old Palace of John Whitgift School in Croydon and from Bohunt Worthing School under the watchful support of leaders from Inspire Worldwide, we have been able to: -

  • paint 4 classrooms inside and out,

  • add new floors in 2 classrooms,

  • plaster the kitchen and two store rooms,

  • add a hand washing station at the kitchen,

  • build three compost bins

  • plant 20 dwarf papaya trees.

The school is developing fast and, with continued support, we are on schedule to complete renovations by December 2020.

Julian PageComment