Gendi School's long term sustainability

As with all our schools, we are working in partnership with the community to look at the long-term sustainability of the project. How will the school be looked after once we have completed the renovations and started to focus on other schools? This is such a crucial question when Government funding is insufficient. The school needs to develop their own income and for that they need 3 things.

  1. Kick Start Capital. Together with the community we have started a fenced in market garden. Fruit and vegetables are grown using gravity fed drip irrigation supplied from a solar powered water pump. Together with the school leaders we are considering establishing a Dairy business

  2. Farming Knowledge. Our community agricultural team are mentoring the teachers as they learn new farming techniques and we plan in time they will assume total control

  3. Enterprise Knowledge. This is a gap we recognise that we need to fill through capacity training

Bearing in mind that this project started in October 2018, we are really pleased with the way it is progressing.

Julian PageComment