Sinai School saved from closure


Students face many obstacles in getting a good education one of which is poor, unhygienic toilets which can spread disease and increases absenteeism.

At the Sinai Primary School 887 children (aged 5 – 14 years) have had to share just 2 cubicles. This was leading to high levels of open defecation which posed a significant health risk to all the children and the town was threatening to close the school down. The impact of this would have been disastrous to these children.

With the help of our fantastic donors we have been able to support the community to complete the building works needed to complete the toilet blocks that the community had started but were unable to finish. As a result the school stayed open and the education of these young people could continue.

We also added hand washing facilities to ensure that children could wash their hands and not get sick . We provided cleaning materials so the students can keep their toilets clean at all times.

Julian PageComment