Maisaka Primary School is in the Maisaka Ward of Babati  opposite the MCDO office. 

In 2014 an earth tremor shook the school’s existing classrooms to the point where for many the walls are cracked and insecure. However, with limited funding from the government and a community in poverty, the children have no choice but to continue their lessons in these horribly unsafe buildings, because there is no alternative.

In 2012 a Tanzanian Politician on an election campaign funded the building of two new classrooms, but his promises were empty and the shells stand unfinished today with no floor, walls, doors, plaster, paint or blackboards - just walls and a roof. These properly built classrooms survived the tremor intact and we have been asked by the school to assist them in their completion. With donor and community help we hope to transform these shells into working classrooms, so that 120 children can be taken out of harm’s way.


Thanks to your donors, including the Thomas Cook Children's Charity, we have been able to complete both classrooms to a high standard. 


A donation of any size towards any of these projects will help move them forward so that the children in this school can have a secure environment in which to learn