The Manyara Community Development Organisation

In 2013 the Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) established the Manyara Community Development Organisation (MCDO). This organisation was established to increase the voice and participation of the local informal leaders in the running of projects.

The MCDO has a board whose members are representatives of the schools and community based organisations (CBOs) with which we work. The CBO or school will bring their development idea to MCDO and collectively they will discuss and write a proposal to LTT. This will then be considered and discussed further. One approved it is run by the school or CBO under the watchful eyes of MCDO who provide monitoring and evaluation back to LTT. 

In this way the work the LTT is supporting is meeting the needs of the community and being run by the community for the community. LTT simply provides a helping hand. Not all projects are accepted, and often the projects take time to be turned from concepts to something we are proud to fund raise for.  This style of development is time consuming and often slow, but because it builds the skills and knowledge within the community, the benefits are long lasting and address the real needs on the ground not anyone else interpretation of the needs. 


Jasson is a Lutheran Reverend who believes the best way of helping people is to toil side by side with the community, learning and understanding the problems and developing ways that help. Practical application is vital. 

Jasson is the Director of MCDO and plays a pivotal role in pulling the projects together. 


Marcel is our Agricultural extension officer who learnt his agricultural skills at the Dareda Agricultural institute. Marcel has been working with us since 2008 and has helped us transform school waste lands onto vibrant income generating plots. He shares his knowledge with the students and community members alike. 


Assery is our Education extension officer who started working with us as a volunteer leader. His easy way with the volunteers and his willingness to try his hand at everything became a great asset for us. He works closely with each school assisting them with their planning, monitoring and reporting. He continues to look after visiting volunteers.


Yohanna is our Enterprise extension officer who started working with us in 2014. Aside from working with the out farmers and loan projects Yohanna also delivers health awareness workshops to ensure the community have a good understanding of health and well being.