Spreading our roots in the community


As LTT has grown in response to community demand, so too have our delivery partners in Babati.

Our approach to development is very collaborative and it is essential that MCDO employs people with the skills to engage with and get the best from the community. It is also vital that they can communicate that work effectively and efficiently to us in the UK.

Over the next five years, we look forward to MCDO continuing to build their resources and skills to listen, develop, implement, monitor, evaluate, learn, feed back and communicate.

As our programmes develop and expand, MCDO will constantly review their resources, ensuring they are always able to deliver a quality service to us. We are also eager that the MCDO team continues to evolve and learn new skills, in order to enhance their value in our work.

We are also looking forward to the MCDO team having the capacity to raise funds for themselves, as well as exploring the potential of running their own programmes or working with other NGOs.