Our Projects


The vast majority (76%) of the population of Tanzania live in the rural areas and of them the clear majority are small holder subsistence farmers whose poverty relates to shortage of common items such as food, shelter, clothing, and safe drinking water.

For many reasons the farmers have not been exposed to new farming techniques and consequently their farming methods have not changed significantly for generations.

We believe that by training farmers and demonstrating the benefits of new farming techniques such as crop diversification they can generate more crops, improve their household income and their food security. With this extra money they can address the issues they face for themselves.


The Livingstone Tanzania Trust has to date:-

  • to develop a demosntration farm at the Waangwaray School. This farm has brought about some positive changes in the way people farm leading to greater fruit and vegetables being grown. For a more detailed report on the farm please go to this page
  • to develop with the students at local schools a demonstration market garden where fruit and vegetables can be grown and added to the school meals to improve diet. This will include keyhole and bag gardens
  • to provde 1 to 1 training on a demosntration plot and on the farmers actual land to help develop the skills in the community and to motivate and support farmers as they make adjustments to their farms and to their attitudes. The community has all the resources it needs to improve lives and with a small amount of assistance we can bring about sustainable changes and maintain the dignity of the farmer.