Man can only develop himself, he cannot be developed by another, for man makes himself... man does not develop himself in a vacuum, in isolation from his society and his environment.
— Julius Nyerere

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust listens to the community's needs and works with them to provide the help they need to address their problems for themselves. Of the problems discussed children's education and the families ability to afford secondary school fees were two that connected with us. LTT acknowledge that improving primary education will result in raised expectations that the children would progress. Sponsoring children is not a sustainable solution, so LTT opted to work with the parents to improve their income so that they could afford to improve their lives and the lives of their children.  

By developing two specific programmes that target education and enterprise LTT are able to focus on the immediate needs of the community while also addressing the needs of the next generation.


Consultation, collaboration, participation, progress


Education Programme

Education has a unique power to act as a catalyst for personal, communal and national development but only if it is of a good quality and made available to all regardless of their gender, ethnicity, family income, sexual orientation and physical and mental ability.

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Enterprise Programme

"A man is developing himself when he grows or earns enough to provide decent conditions for himself and his family; he is not being developed if someone gives him these things."Julius Nyerere, 1st President of Tanzania 1973

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