Sawe Community Group

Sitting and listening to the community is a vital part of development and this project demonstrates why. The Chair of the Sawe Community group explained that some of the hardships they faced were caused by a lack of income and that if they could generate an income they would be able to improve their lives. They wanted to establish a pig breeding business but had no knowledge of how to or the finances to establish one. 

LTT facilitated training with the local vet and made a small loan of £400 if the group agreed to build the sties needed to house the pigs. 

5 years down the line all 25 members of the group now have their own sows which provide them with an income. Thanks to this simple project families have been able to send their children to secondary school while others have date improvements to their homes. 

A piglet costs just £40 to buy and that can change the life of a family.

By supporting our work you can help a family change their live for ever. 

Livingstone Tanzania Trust pig breeding
Livingstone Tanzania Trust pig breeding project