Pig Breeding

The members of the Sawe community approached LTT in 2010 and asked for assistance establishing a pig breeding business. We provided training and a kick start loan if they provided the pig sties. This project has been a great success and now all 15 members have their own sow(s) and generate their own income. A sow realistically can give birth to 6-8 piglets twice a year which can provide £190 - 250 per year per sow. When the poverty line is approx £250 a year, one sow can effectively move an individual out of poverty.

One household who has several sows, took out a loan from us. With the profits she invested in a bio-gas plant which generates methane. she now saves over £200 a year on firewood using a combination of human and animal waste. The bio-gas plant provides bio-slurry which is then spread on the fields enriching the soil and increasing her yields and thus increasing her income.

This is just one example of how a joined up holistic approach to development can alleviate poverty for a family.