Responsible Travel

Travel is the act of moving from one place to another and affords a person a glance through the window into a world that other people inhabit. LTT strongly believe that this must be undertaken in a respectful way that does not bring harm to the host community and that where possible the host community should benefit from being visited.

In this way LTT seeks to ensure that:-

  • where possible we employ the services of local people to provide the good and services that we need
  • the local community are consulted and take an active role in the work we do
  • visitors are provided with cultural awareness training prior to visiting to ensure that their behaviour does not upset the host community
  • The host community are provided with cultural awareness prior to arrival of the visitors to ensure that there are not cultural misunderstandings
  • visitors are encouraged to purchase locally produced goods from locally owned establishments
  • visitors meet the host community and have the opportunity to breakdown barriers and create an environment of mutual respect, understanding and peace
  • all volunteers are asked to read and sign our Volunteer Charter