The beginning..... January 2015

Christmas is over and 2015 is upon us, for Rob Johnston this means starting a gruelling 4 months training regime to get fit to run the London Marathon on the 26th April.   

What is Rob running for?

LTT's development model requires the local community and the school to participate and contribute in order for LTT to join them in the development process.  The school is eager to establish a market garden that can produce vegetables for local consumption that can provide an income for the school. The market garden will also provide valuable life skills training for the students as they learn new farming and irrigation techniques.

The biggest hurdle to establishing the market garden is WATER. By connecting guttering and directing rainwater to run off water tanks, the school will be able to collect and store water which will enable the garden to grow. The more guttering and tanks the more vegetables they can grow. 

So please sponsor Rob as he runs so that his efforts can bring about positive changes in the Malangi Primary School and help them start on the road to self sufficiency. 

Julian PageComment