School Farms

Agricultural projects can earn money

Schools can develop and diversify their income potential by using the land available to them. The Livingstone Tanzania Trust can explore various income generating opportunities with schools including:

  1. Staple crop production
  2. Market gardening
  3. Tree nursery
  4. Livestock management

School farms can educate

Agricultural projects can serve as an educational resource for both students and the wider community.

School farms are ideal sites for scientific, agricultural and environmental education. Students can also learn the business of farming, including record keeping and inventory and improve their bookkeeping skills

School farms may also be used as demonstration sites to bring new farming ideas and techniques into the community. Open days and training opportunities can further help transfer knowledge into the community.

To date, LTT has developed school farms at:

LTT supports holistic and organic farming

Working with students and local farmers , LTT promotes environmentally sustainable farming techniques to improve soil fertility, improve water usage and to increase the diversity of plant life. Through these efforts we aim to reduce the environmental pressure on local land from deforestation, soil erosion and the increased use of chemical fertilisers.