Health in School

If a child gets sick then they miss out on their education. By building up their knowledge of the causes of ailments and how best they can be treated, we can try and reduce absenteeism due to sickness.

Clean Hands Save Lives

The ease with which germs travel is amazing. None of the schools we worked with had hand washing facilities and since the students were having school meals which they eat traditionally, with their hands, we felt it imperative that to install hand washing facilities and run hand washing classes.

Every student in the school attended the lessons where they learnt about germs and how they cam move from the toilet to the hand, to the pencil to the mouth, to the stomach resulting in sickness and diarrhoea.

All the children had suffered from diarrhoea at some point, so they could relate to this.

Hand washing classes reminded the children to focus on the thumb as it is the most used part of the hand. 

We also learnt to cough into our armpits and not into our hands.


Diet and meals

The choices that people make over their diet can have a long lasting effect on their health and well-being.  Diets that provide less food that people need or an inadequate variety of foods may lead to potentially serious health and mental conditions which can handicap people for life. Some of these problems can be addressed by a good diet, but for some of these problems such as blindness in children resulting from vitamin A deficiency are not reversible although they are preventable.

To eat well for good health people need the knowledge to make the best choices, and the skills to grow the food.

LTT run a school meals project, train students to grow fruit and vegetables some of which as is added to their diet, and we run nutrition awareness workshops in the community.