School Meals

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust works with each school to ensure that as many children as possible receive a school meal. We also work with the community to ensure that parents understand the necessity of a balanced diet and how to provide it.

Children who are not getting enough to eat can suffer from stunted growth and their ability to learn can be impaired. The provision of school meals improves attendance, attentiveness, and motivation in young people.

Some schools have sufficient land to grow a good proportion of the food they need. LTT has provided loans for the seeds to begin a school farm.

Some community members live is such extreme hardship that they are unable to contribute to the school meals programme. In these situations, we work with the child to grow crops on school land that can either become their contribution or can be sold to buy their contribution.

LTT has initiated school meal programmes at:

·         Waangwaray Primary School

·         Sinai Primary School

·         Managhat Primary School