£12 can feed a child for a year

We have 350 children who without your help will have no lunch this year because of the poor rains. This will impact on their education, their health and their future. 

The poor rains this year have had a terrible impact of the communities where we work. Maize harvests are 90% down. This means that families did not grow enough for the family’s needs and certainly not enough to generate an income. Waangwaray and Sinai communities have help from the school meals loan programme but the Managhat community where we are teaching diversity to deal with exactly this type of problem, have no help at all and hunger will be the daily norm.

As a development charity our main focus has to be on helping people improve their tomorrows, but sometimes we want to help in the now. None of us want to sit by and watch the children go hungry each day, a hunger that will lead to absenteeism, falling behind at school and hinder their whole future.  The school are asking for just £0.06 a day to feed a child, but with 350 kids this adds up. With your help we can buy some maize and ensure that that at least the children are getting something to eat each day.

Please help a child for one year by donating