Secondary Schools

The Tanzania Government has increased its investment in secondary school education to deal with growing influx of students coming out of primary schools seeking for more education. Sadly the huge demands for places is not instep with investment and the quality of education is not yet good enough,despite the best interests of the resource poor teachers. Schools are seeking to provide 2 more years of education up to A level and provide dormitory accommodation. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and the country struggles to meet all its needs with the limited resources available.



With money being so tight in the education budget, LTT wanted to demonstrate how schools can reduce their expenditure and reallocate funds. 

By investing in new kitchens with locally made fuel efficient stoves, LTT have been able to reduce the £4,000 a year bill for firewood to under £2,000. this environmentally friendly cost effective solution demonstrates the need for all schools across Tanzania to be following suit 


The Government often start projects with a view that funds will flow from either the community or from increased budgets further down the line. The dormitory stood completed for at least 2 years with no toilets, no showers,The investment made was deteriorating. 

A UNICEF report on violence against children highlighted the problems faced by students and especially girls as they travel back from school. Some of the girls have to walk 10-12 km each way every day and try to seek lifts. In addition girls are expected to complete their domestic responsibilities before doing their homework, which can suffer as a consequence. 

LTT stepped in completed the toilet/shower block, bought bunk beds with lockers and got the dormitory up and running. 


With the help of the Harris Academy South Norwood, LTT were able to buy 270 text books and one computer and 2 screens (one of the notebook gifted by Harris Academy). The head master says...“Please thank those who made and collected the donations and tell them that we are aware of how they are sweating in order that our children might benefit from these books. We promise to keep these books safe for the benefit of these students and the coming ones as well. Thank you very much