Teach Training

At the request of both the primary school teachers and Town Council Education Officer the Livingstone Tanzania Trust is developing an English language teacher training programme. Working with both UK and Tanzania based teachers, our bespoke project focuses on vocabulary development (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunction, indirect speech, prepositions and articles); correct us of tenses; singular and plurals; opposites; negatives; questions; comparative; superlatives; prefixes; and contractions.

Our 2 lessons a week over 20 weeks course will focus on everyday situations such as ‘in the market’, ‘around the house’, and ‘family and friends’ where we will build upon and reinforce existing knowledge and then develop it through various participatory learning techniques that teachers can adopt when they are in their classes. This engaging and fun way to learn compares to the rote learning techniques currently used in school.

In all further education within Tanzania the medium of instruction and examination is in English. Students who fail to gain a satisfactory standard of English, regardless of their other skills may fail to continue their education. Where their primary teachers themselves have a poor grasp of the English language the students are unlikely to develop sufficient knowledge and confidence to progress and potential opportunities are closed to them. By enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence of the teachers we would expect to be able to influence their teaching and by so doing enhance the knowledge and enthusiasm of the students.

We are currently seeking funds to launch our pilot project to that we may address the underlying issues and seek to bring out long term change to all the students in Babati. If you are able to sponsor this project we would welcome your assistance.

We do not just want to focus on English, if you have Maths or science teaching knowledge and could work with us to develop a course that might assist the teachers improve their knowledge, confidence and teaching skills we would love to hear from you.